Why Hire A Wedding Planner

by Patty Hansen, D.D.

Why a Wedding Planner? You may be asking yourself this is my wedding day so why do I need a wedding planner? Several Reasons. Wedding Planners do not want to tell you What to Do, we are simple here to help guide you and to ensure that your dreams come true and at the same time keeping you in within your wedding budget.

Most wedding planners work with reputable vendors and can save you the time from having to interview with 50 vendors to only about 10. You should always interview with vendors to make sure that your personalities match and that you want to work with that person. A wedding planner just advises that they know this person’s work and recommends their services to you based on your needs and desires.

Wedding Planner’s are professionals and work diligently to ensure that their clients are taken care of and that their wedding will be a success. So many things may go wrong with a wedding (to be expected whenever you get a group of people together and have others working on different areas of the wedding), this is where the wedding planner may come in and take care of everything that is going on from ensuring that the flowers are delivered, transportation is on its way, the cake has not fallen and is being delivered, to keeping the doors shut after the bride has been escorted down the aisle.

Wedding Planners also think of the last minute preparations that are often overlooked, such as bringing the maps to the reception, wedding programs, and of course breath mints to the wedding. Usually wedding planner’s carry an emergency kit and have them everything from a bible, handkerchief, something blue, to a water bottle!!!

Most brides simply state “Why pay for a wedding planner when my Aunt or friend can help me”? This is easily answered by: Are these people Certified in Wedding Planning, to they belong to a Wedding Association, How many weddings have they directed, Do they know someone that Can bring a back up cake in case your cake hits the floor? What if the DJ is suddenly sick? How about Uncle John and Aunt Ruthie start a physical dispute.

Wedding Planners are able to handle all of the above situations in a calm, and professional manner by using their expertise and knowledge from having to handle these situations and from knowing fellow vendors that will step in to help out, just in case Pastor Doe does not show!!!

The reason for this article is to show you that a Wedding Planner is just like any other vendor, if you are going to pay several hundred dollars for pictures why not pay a wedding planner to ensure that your wedding day goes as You have Planned so that your pictures Will turn out okay!!!

Best Wishes and don’t forget about the Wedding Planner.

Author’s Information:
Patty Hansen, D.D.
Company: A Marry Angel, Inc.