Honeymoon Planning Guide

What is the right honeymoon destination? All inclusive resorts? Honeymoon packages? Hawaiian honeymoon? Bora Bora? Cancun? A Cruise? Las Vegas? Complete this honeymoon survey before you start.

Wedding USA – “Your Honeymoon”


Print this guide out for reference

Destination Interests
Bride Groom Bride Groom
Asia Amusement Park
Carribean Arts & Theatre
Cruise Beaches / Ocean
Europe Beaches / Lake
Mexico Bicycling
USA Boating
Particular State Casino Gambling
All inclusive Resort Dancing / Nightlife
________________ Exercising
________________ Fishing / Hunting
________________ Fine Dining
Transportation Hiking / Mtn. Climbing
Airline Histrical Attraction
Automobile Horseback Riding
Bus Hot Tub
Ship Music / Entertainment
Train Museums
_________________ Rafting / Canoe
Accommodation Scuba
Bed & Breakfast Shopping
Cabin Sightseeing
Camping Snorkeling
Chain Hotel Snow Skiing
Cruise Line Sun Bathing
Luxury Resort Swimming Pool
________________ Taking Tours
________________ Visit the Country
________________ Water Skiing
Water Sports
Climate ________________
Warm / Hot ________________
Cool / Cold ________________
When planning your honeymoon with a travel agent, here are some questions you may want to ask.
  1. What does this rate include?
  2. What’s not included?
  3. Can my rate change?
  4. Are there any specials available?
  5. What deposit is required and when?
  6. When is full payment required?
  7. What happens if I cancel?
  8. Is there insurance available?
  9. Are there any specials for honeymoons?
  10. Should I bring cash, checks, travelers checks, credit cards?
  11. Are my valuables safe?
  12. Do I need a passport or visa?
  13. Do I need a vaccination?
  14. What if I have medical problems while on vacation?
  15. Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of?
  16. Tell me about tipping? Who? What? How much?
  17. What should I pack?
  18. Is there a limit of the number of suitcases I can take?
  19. What else should I know?