Three Simple Wedding Styles

By Nicole Fonzino

Planning a wedding can be stressful—especially if you do not know what style path you want your wedding to follow. There are so many different styles to choose from nowadays, that it can be difficult narrowing down the right one for you and your fiancé. The style aspect of your wedding should not be what is causing your stress. Here are a couple creative wedding ideas to kick your mind into gear to plan your perfect wedding.

Photo Courtesy B-Rap Studios

Many couples have jumped on the rustic wedding wagon and made it a popular wedding theme in recent years. The down-to-earth wedding décor’s must have piece? Mason jars. Use these jars as drinking glasses throughout the night or incorporate them into the centerpiece decorations. You can put floating candles into the mason jars or turn them into a vase for your favorite flowers. Wine barrels are another must have decoration in a rustic themed wedding. They give that country-look while remaining in budget and add elegance to the décor. Wine barrels can hold up your table tops or be used to hold your sign-in book. Other decorations to add a rustic touch to your wedding are birch branches mixed with flowers for the wedding arch, wooden signs and wooden centerpiece bases. Colors for a rustic wedding mostly reflect earthy tones such as greens, reds, yellows, browns, oranges, deep purples and navy blue.

If you are not the country type, then a vintage elegant décor might be the right direction for you. Picture lace tablecloths and pearl centerpieces. These types of decorations would go great with the décor of this style wedding. A candelabrum made out of glass can be added to each of your tables to add extra glam. Include large wine glasses and champagne flutes on your tables. They are elegant pieces that will make your tabletops look fuller. Porcelain plates with an extravagant design on them are another must-have item for your table décor. To top off your vintage elegant look, get an old automobile for your “just married” vehicle. Think a white Buick Monarch. With a vintage elegant style wedding, you may want to gravitate towards more neutral colors such as cream, gold or silver mixed with rose colored items for pops of color here and there. Even incorporate the color black into your décor to make your other colors bolder but do not overdo this color for this wedding style.

Last but not least is the Bohemian style wedding, a mixture between both rustic and vintage elegant styles. A bohemian style wedding usually embodies an earthy elegance feel. If you are leaning towards having this style wedding, you definitely want to include a long wooden table with a brightly colored runner. Use glasses that are a mixture of different colors such as blue, green, yellow and clear with your table settings to give pops of colors across the dinner table. Porcelain plates with flower designs on them would also add a bohemian edge. To give your setting more of an earthy feel, you can also cover your table with colorful candle holders to add more color. Include big, misshapen glasses with bright colored flowers mixed with feathers for your centerpieces. Colors of Bohemian style weddings are usually earthy tones with pops of extremely bright colors such as creams, browns, greens and reds with pops of bright yellows, oranges or pinks.

Explore all the different types of wedding styles before choosing the right one for you. There are many different ways to accomplish all three of these styles, so get creative with it. Make your special day one that you and everyone else will remember by blowing them away with your décor.

Photo Courtesy B-Rap Studios