By: Heather Schirtzinger – 

Deciding on a flower girl was one of the hardest things for my fiancé and me. One evening we sat down and thought about all of the children in our families. It took us about an hour to finally decide and then we made the call. Keep in mind this little girl (Kennedy) is seven years old and it’s known to me that she adores me. She tells her mom that she looks just like me.

So on with the story, I called her house and Kennedy answered the phone, “Hello, Kennedy, this is Heather. May I please speak with your mom?” I wanted to ask her mother first just in case she wasn’t allowed, before I asked the girl and got her hopes up and then we’d have to break the bad news to her. Her mother answered and gave me permission to ask Kennedy.
“Hello?” Kennedy said.
“Kennedy, you know I’m getting married in September, right?”
“Yeah” as she giggled.
“Well, I’m calling to see what you thought about being my flower girl?”
A huge gasp comes out of her following,
“I think it’d be great!”

We then talked about what she would be doing that day and I finished the conversation speaking with her mom about me looking through magazines to find a design I liked because her Aunt would make the dress.

Kennedy was so happy I began looking through magazines and the phone rang. It was Kennedy.
“Heather, ummmm I was wondering, can I come over and help pick out my wedding dress too?”
It was so adorable. Kennedy came over two nights later. She was supposed to go to cheerleading practice but she told her mom she was not going to miss out on going to Heather’s. I went and picked her up and when we got to my house she began to show me the dresses she had picked out from her magazines.
She told me, “It has to have a long train and spaghetti straps.”
Every dress I picked out she said, “I don’t think so. It doesn’t have a train.”
She told me her favorite web site to look for dresses, so we did. She climbed onto my lap and we searched the web.

Afterwards I showed her my wedding dress. She helped me straighten the train, squealing she said, “It’s sooooooooo pretty, I want to wear it.” then she began to tell me she was thirsty and hungry. I asked her what she wanted and she said milk and cheese crackers.

Moving on, we finally decided on her wedding dress, it was one with a train and spaghetti straps. On the ride home she bellowed out songs from faith hill and kept telling how pretty she was going to look and how excited she was. We definitely chose the perfect flower girl and she truly is the cutest flower girl ever.

By: Heather Schirtzinger