By: Mandy Fleming – 

It all started one month before the big day. My husband and I live in Georgia, but our wedding was in Massachusetts. I was supposed to have two bridesmaids and a maid of honor. My bridesmaids both live in Texas so we went to visit them a month before the wedding.

A few days before we left, I went and picked up the bridesmaid dresses. To our surprise they decided not to be in the wedding, and didn’t tell me until we got to TX! Maybe this wouldn’t have been such a big deal if we didn’t buy the dresses and had time to change things up.

Two bridesmaids short doesn’t make for a good friendship! Everything was going well until the morning of my wedding! My hairdresser had a wreck on the way to the hotel where she was going to do my hair. Not only did she have a wreck but also she didn’t inform me she wasn’t coming until ONE hour before the ceremony was to begin. So here I am in my pajamas and my hair is all over the place.

What’s a girl to do? The most important day of my life and I’m going to look like a train wreck! Thank goodness for hairspray, bobby pins, a great friend and mom!! In thirty minutes time I was all put together and ready to go, and not to mention my hair looked pretty good!

Of course my husband thought I was the most beautiful bride in the world! We have been married for 2 months now and look back on everything and laugh. But of all the things, I wish I had a hairdresser!