Heart of Friendship

By: Michele Wallace Campanelli #1 New York Times Best-selling Author -  Melisa and I have known each other since we were young teens in the United Methodist Youth Group. She was a big time player on a local junior high softball team and very popular. Even though we didnt have much in common (Im not a bit athletic and younger), she took me under her wing. We grew up together. Years passed quickly and when Melisa got married, I served as one of her bridesmaids. After her wedding, Melisa moved to Kentucky and traveled on the road with her trucker husband. Not a month would pass that I didnt receive a letter or phone call from Melisa telling me about the breathtaking sights across America. Through her travels, we remained very close. Then one day the phone rang. From the tremor in her voice, I could tell something was terribly wrong. I just came from the doctors office, Melisas voice quivered. Remember when I told you about all those headaches and how my vision sometim…
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