Seth David Cohen Video was established in 1996 by Seth David Cohen. Since then, we have produced more than 700 edited videos including works of fiction, documentaries, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, photo montages, corporate events and interviews. We’ve cooperated with some of the finest planners New York has to offer and filmed at its best venues.We are a well-rounded team of Brown, NYU and UCLA-trained film professionals. We mastered different skills: cinematography, editing, directing and writing. Yet we all conquered the same territory: storytelling.

When it comes to event filmmaking, we pull our resources together to create videos that are not only entertaining but soulful. Because at its core is the most important story of all: yours.

How we work:

We know how to blend into the woodwork, stay in the background and get great results at the same time.

We also know how to talk to people, get great stories, bring out true personalities, and, we know how to do this in a relaxed, informal way. For us, it’s easy, and we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

To minimize distractions, we don’t use any large cameras, obtrusive wires, unnecessary tripods, light stands or big lights. We only talk to people if you want us to. When we’re working in tandem with an event photographer, we generally stay out of their way and keep a low profile. In addition, we promise to not direct or manipulate people or events in any way.


Sounds and movement add dimensions that photography cannot capture.  Professional videography services encapsulate all the sounds, sights, memories and emotions of your event and bring them to life every time you watch your video.

Our clients always find our work to be invaluable, documenting every detail and capturing moments that are both expected and unexpected.