The ceremony should offer as much excitement as the wedding!

Rev Jill Dillner is a wedding officiant covering NJ, NY, PA & MD.  Since 2003, she has performed over 1000 weddings, baptisms and vow renewals.  She believes that your ceremony — whether single faith, interfaith or no-faith — should reflect your relationship and your commitment to each other and your families.  Fun, flexible and supportive, Rev Jill works with her couples to create spiritual, memorable ceremonies. She will listen to your ideas and assist you with suggestions, while helping you navigate the process.  You should be sure that your officiant has the desire, energy, and personality to make your event all you have hoped for and more!   Together you will create the perfect ceremony!

I am asked frequently “What are you and what do you believe?”
Simply put, I am a non-denominational minister and I believe we are all headed to the same place, just on different paths to get there. I find that most people believe in something, but don’t necessarily follow the dogma of the church. Folks are looking for less restriction and more acceptance. As a result, fewer people are attending mainstream services.  This results in a lack of direction when it comes to life’s passages.
Who will marry you? Who will bless your children? Who will officiate your funeral?
Who can you call on when you need spiritual support?
Who will sit with you when a loved one is dying?
While some faiths are hunkering down and becoming less open, there are a few that are offering open congregations and a “we accept you the way you are” philosophy.  It is up to the individual to pursue these faiths, if they choose.  Until then there will be clergy, like me, who care more about the fact that you do believe, than what or how you believe. All faiths are accepted and respected, even people of no faith.