Congratulations….Welcome..Brides and Grooms;

I’m Rev. Dr. Angela Saladino Heil. I’ve dedicated my life to the service of others. I’m an Army veterian, working as a Nurse during war time. I’m also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Medium, working with Angels to help heal the body mind and Spirit; bringing closure from your dearly departed loved ones.

I beleive, the sacred journey you are about to take together is one of the most important decisions of your life. Marriage and the charm of creating a home are very transforming, and enlightening experiences.

As your interfaith minister and wedding officiant, I can create Your personalized or customized wedding ceremony. Creating a ceremony for your wedding, baby blessing, or vow renewal, that is as special as the love you share. One great way to show your love for each other is through a customized Wedding, Handfasting, Same Sex Marriage, Union, or Commitment Service that reflects the beauty, commitment, and unity you both share.

Your customized wedding ceremony reflects your wishes, cultural elements, theme, music, favorite quotes, beliefs, personal life experiences or story, and personal vows of love.You have complete control over your sacred act of joining with one another. You have an unlimited, yet guided range of possibilities. Your ceremony is limited only by your imagination.

Some clients like themes for their weddings: Ancient wisdoms, Alice in Wonderland, Lighthouse, Historical Site, Blended Family, Pets, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Renaissance, Fair, Nature, Spiritual, 1950’s, Costume, Celtic Handfasting, Harry Potter, Hollywood or Old Ways Style, Gothic, Ebony and Ivory. Your choices are endless. Together we will discuss, and plan every aspect of the ceremony.

Would you like to co-create your own ceremony?

Creating your personal ceremony is enacting a very different type of marriage ceremony. It is easy, and fun for the whole family. Your ceremony will be unique, unlike the cookie cutter wedding services of the past at affordable rates. When you fill out our data sheet we can give you a price quote. Satisfied client’s say, “It’s well worth it!”  Many of our couples receive compliments about their ceremony long after their event – WHY NOT YOU?